Four Ways to Prepare for the Online Members-Only Presale

It’s here. The 2014 Fifth Third Bank Summer Concerts at Meijer Gardens lineup has been released! There is a mix of performers, from reggae and folk to funk and jazz, to enjoy this June through September in the outdoor Amphitheater.

10_Amphitheater Garden2_Hebert

As the members-only presale on Saturday, April 26 at 9 am draws closer, we want to make sure members are prepared for the online sale*. For the best selection, we recommend purchasing tickets online at We worked with Star Tickets to make this process more efficient and easier than in years past since concerts continue to sell quickly online.

We want you to be best equipped to get the tickets you want, so here are four ways to prepare for the online member presale:

  1.     Renew Your Membership or Become a Member

Along with experiencing the beauty of Meijer Gardens year-round, two of the many membership perks includes discounted concert tickets and first dibs during the member presale. If you’re not already a member, we suggest becoming one ASAP prior to the presale. This also applies to membership renewal.

Learn more about the different membership choices or renew online by clicking on renew in your membership category.

  1.     Find and Write Down Your Member ID Number

After becoming a member or renewing, you’ll be emailed a member ID number. Jot down the number or keep your card on hand for the day of the presale. Below is where your ID number is located if you have a card.


This number is very important! It will need to be entered during the ticket buying process on in order to receive access the presale and the price discount per ticket.

If you’re a member and have lost your ID card or don’t know your number, please email in advance of the presale or log into your member account to find it. Due to the volume of questions received the day of the presale, it’s best to plan ahead and know your ID number.

  1.     Create a Star Tickets account

Another important step to prepare is creating an account on the Star Tickets website. This is different than your Meijer Gardens login. Your Star Tickets login information is only used on as your concert-buying account. If you already have an account, you do not need to create a new one. BUT be sure you know your password and have updated credit card and account information before the sale.

create an account

Creating a Star Tickets login before the member presale will cut down on time the morning of the sale.

  1.     Know Your Concerts Beforehand

The entire concert schedule has been released. Make a list of your favorites and prepare to jump when we open the sale at 9 am on

If you wish to purchase tickets to multiple shows, at the end of each concert selection, pick “Add Another Event” at the bottom of the page and repeat the process. When you’re done purchasing all of your tickets, only then select Continue to check out.

StarTickets_Add Another Event1

Currently, we allow our members to purchase tickets to multiple shows without a set limit, but please note, we do monitor for signs of resale if large quantities of tickets are purchased per show. This has not been an issue in the past and we continue to take note of your concerns about this issue each year.

We hope this helps in the ticket buying process during both the members-only presale and public sales.

Still looking for more info? We’ve created an Insider’s Guide to buying concert tickets and concert FAQs. Check it out! Please comment below if you have any concert ticket or membership questions.

*Please be aware fees are associated with purchasing tickets online as compared to in-person at Meijer Gardens.


Jam Band Umphrey’s McGee at Meijer Gardens July 3

If you’re looking for a fun way to kick off the Fourth of July, there’s no better place than the Umphrey’s McGee concert at Meijer Gardens July 3.

Returning to our Summer Concert Series after performing for a sold-out crowd in 2010, Umphrey’s McGee will take the stage again at 7 p.m. Tickets are still available for this jam band performance through StarTickets.


Photo from Google Images.

Umphrey’s McGee has been entertaining audiences with their progressive rock sound for more than 13 years. According to fans, they promise two things—spontaneity (you never know what you’re going to get when attending a show) and the assurance they will always deliver.

Their innovative musical style coupled with the inspiration they pull from classic bands like The Beatles and Pink Floyd generate a sound like no other. Umphrey’s McGee is also highly influenced by jam band culture, much like other bands Phish and The Grateful Dead. The band experiments with different genres including progressive rock, funk, jazz, blues, metal, electronic and bluegrass. They have ever-changing set lists, rely heavily on improvisation during shows and often have open taping policies for their fans. By combining these various genre styles, Umphrey’s McGee appeals to thousands of fans across the United States.


Photo from Google Images.

Since the band‘s formation in 1997 at Notre Dame University, Umphrey’s McGee has released 12 albums with their most recent album, Death By Stereo, released in 2011 as a follow-up to their album Mantis. Death By Stereo catapulted Umphrey’s McGee into a category all their own with its straightforward songwriting, clever arrangements and instrumentation.

One of the most popular hits from their latest album is “Miami Virtue.” Listen to it below and get a taste of what’s to come Wednesday night!

Umphrey’s McGee – Miami Virtue

If you’d like to learn more about the band and their innate rockability, visit their website at You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter! Or better yet, see them in person at Meijer Gardens this Wednesday, July 3!

FAQ about Meijer Gardens Outdoor Concerts


The first show is just around the corner. With tickets now available to everyone and 5 sold-out concerts (and counting), we tend to receive the most questions about what to expect at concerts around this time.

Will there be food, or more importantly, can we bring our own?
What does “lawn seating” really mean?
Does rain mean the concert is delayed?
When can I line up?!

We’ll do our best to answer your most frequently asked questions so you’re ready to go when concert day arrives! Get ready to take some notes.

Tickets are now available for members and the public. Various ways to purchase tickets:

1. Online at
     + Find a link on to BUY TICKETS through
     + Handling fee of $3.25 per order (not per ticket) and convenience fee of $5 per ticket*

2. By phone at 1-800-585-3737
     + Handling fee of $3.25 per order (not per ticket) and convenience fee of $5 per  ticket*

3. In-person at Meijer Gardens Admission Desk
+ During normal business hours to avoid handling and convenience fees

*Handling fees are subject to change

Concert ticket prices can be found on our website or this previous blog post.

Sponsorships include two tickets to every concert, snacks and beverages and standard-height chairs reserved in the East and West Terraces. Contact 616-975-3177 or if interested.

Feel free to bring in your own picnic while enjoying a concert – that includes everything from cheese and crackers to Jimmy Johns. Keep in mind that glass containers are prohibited and unfortunately will not be allowed inside the Amphitheater (example: no salsa in a glass container).

We have a variety of affordable and delicious food options at our Concession Stand to right of the front gates. From hotdogs to deli sandwiches and popsicles, there’s something to satisfy your hunger during the show.

Coolers are also allowed, but we ask that they aren’t the “large-sized beach coolers” as courtesy to other concert-goers since they take up valuable space and cannot be used as seats.

Factory sealed
bottles of water, pop and other beverages are permitted, but glass containers will not be allowed through the gates.  Alcoholic beverages cannot be brought on the premise. Wine and beer will be available for purchase at our Concession Stand and tents located within the Amphitheater.

All seating is general admission lawn seating. This means it’s first-come, first serve basis with concerts enjoyed on a beautifully manicured grass hill.

Any low-back chair measuring 12″ or less from the ground to the front of the seat bottom and 31″ to the top of the chair back in its highest position will be allowed. Blankets can be used for seating, but please be courteous of other guests by not saving larger-than-needed amounts of grass.

If you’re in need of a chair, consider:

  • Purchasing a low-rise chair at the Meijer Gardens’ gift shop or amphitheater. We offer a high-quality “GCI Wilderness Recliner” with our logo.
  • Rent a standard-height plastic venue chair for $5 (quantities limited). Pay at the box office, then bring this chair to one of the rented chairs’ designated seating areas.

Note: Several popular chairs measure 31.5″ from the ground to top of chair back (some “Tommy Bahama” chairs and other brands). These will be allowed, but as long as the chair back measures less than 32″ to the top and 12″ in front of seat bottom. Any chair more than 32″ will not be allowed.

Each artist has their own photography policy we must abide by, which pertains to guests and media alike. DSLR cameras and video-recording devices (this includes on mobile phones) are prohibited. Point-and-shoot cameras are allowed, but please no flash photography since it can distract the artists.

Rain or shine! Bring your ponchos and/or smaller umbrellas if there’s a high probability of rain. Please be courteous to your neighbors by not blocking their views with large or golf umbrellas.

Our weather policy is – if there is either a watch or warning (tornado or lightning storm) for our area, the concert will be canceled. If a concert is underway and a lightning storm or tornado situation arises during the concert, the concert will need to end, and there will be no refunds.

The decision to continue a concert after adverse weather passes will be determined on a case-by-case basis, based on consultation with appropriate weather experts. Concerts are rain or shine unless there is severe weather as previously stated.

We are an accessible facility and proudly comply with ADA regulations. Guests with medical or mobility issues may request special consideration for seating by visiting the box office window.

If seating in low chairs will be a mobility issue, we have standard-height white plastic chairs for rent ($5) while quantities last. Pay at the box office, pick up the chair by the merchandise tent and bring the chair to one of the designated seating areas.

Guests may line up outside the gates as early as they please. Placing of an empty chair or “place holder” will not be allowed – guests must be physically present to reserve their spots in line.

Refer to your ticket for information about when gates open– times vary.

Have questions that weren’t answered? Comment below and we’ll help get those solved for you.