Simple Floral Arrangements using Irises

By Elizabeth Wesley-Martin, Horticulturist

Iris close up

Tips to keep in mind when floral arranging:

  • Work with an odd number of flowers: Using an uneven number of flowers can help an arrangement to look more organic and natural.
  • It is best to pick your flowers in the cooler hours of the morning or later in the evening.
  • Cut your stems one at a time, at a 45 degree angle. This allows for greater surface area and increase of water uptake.
  • Change the water daily. If available, filtered water is best.
  • Keep arrangements out of direct sunlight.



Iris Bowl

1st arrangement (dark purple bearded irises in rose bowl)

  • Fill your rose bowl halfway with water
  • Line the bowl with foliage (ferns)
  • Cut the tops of Irises and place them into the water


three vases

2nd arrangement (3 white vases with yellow irises)

  • Using both the iris and iris leaves, place each into a matching vase with water


Iris and leaves

3rd arrangement (Tall arrangement with single bearded iris stem, allium and foliage)

  • Use a single stem with multiple bearded iris blooms to add height to your arrangement
  • Add cuttings of in-season flowers and foliage from your yard
  • Examples of spring / early summer blooms: allium, daffodil, tulip, lilac, tall twigs or branches for more height


Iris 5 vases

4th arrangement (3-5 bud vases with different colored irises)

  • Fill a few bud vases with water
  • Cut your irises at varying heights and place a stem or two into each vase
  • Different varieties and colors of irises can be grouped together, making for a fun statement piece

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