Pokemon Go: Virtual, reality

PokemonGo_MeijerGardens_1If you’ve been living under a Geodude, you might not know about the Pokemon Go phenomenon. Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game where players use GPS and smart phone cameras to track down, catch and collect “pocket monsters.” Millions of people all over the world have downloaded the game and become passionate players.

Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park has dozens of Pokestops scattered all over our grounds as well as three gyms where players can battle and train their Pokemon, making it a hot spot for Pokemon trainers.

However, there’s more to be found at Meijer Gardens than Pokeballs, potions, and a Bulbasaur or two. We are home to a world-class sculpture collection, an eight-acre oasis in the Richard & Helen DeVos Japanese Garden, alongside many beautiful gardens, winding walking paths and tumbling waterfalls.

Normally, we encourage visitors to put their phones in their pockets and enjoy the sights as a respite from constant connection to our screens. But Pokemon Go is an opportunity to make the most of both worlds.

pokemon group“I’ve loved Pokemon since I was little, so Pokemon Go has really made me feel like a kid again,” said Ashlee Gross, the organizer of a group event that recently brought about 100 people out to play the game at Meijer Gardens together. Most of the people in the group hadn’t met before the gathering.

“People that would have normally never met are now walking together, talking together and even laughing and joking together now that they have this one thing in common. In a
world where we seem to be divided in more ways than one, this is really important,” she said.cropped

And while Meijer Gardens is always a beautiful place to take
photos, the game can be a fun way to tap in to your creativity and capture an interesting image as you capture more Pokemon. If you’ve snagged a great screen grab, please share it with us! Use the hashtag #MeijerGardens. The photos are also a great way to remember the rest of the Gardens and Sculpture Park.



We hope that you enjoy your experience playing here at Meijer Gardens to the fullest! To do that, Officer Jenny has a few safety reminders:

Please watch where you are going! Be mindful of the people around you and aware of your surroundings, and please don’t touch or climb on any sculpture. While catching a Gyarados certainly would be exciting, it would not be worth an accidental swim in one of our water features.

Visit only during our open hours! Those are 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday, with Tuesdays open late until 9 pm, and Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm.

While you spend time at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park we sincerely hope you catch ‘em all, and at the same time enjoy a rich cultural experience.

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