What is growing & blooming in the Earl and Donnalee Holton Victorian Garden?

In the Victorian Era, greenhouses provided space for people to gather and appreciate the botanical uniqueness that was being discovered around the world. The Earl and Donnalee Holton Victorian Garden pays homage to this concept of displaying plants from tropical regions around the world. Water fountains, ornate planters, stained glass features and several sculptures including pieces by Edgar Degas and Auguste Rodin set the tone for the diversity of lush horticulture found within this space.

Here are some of the things that have been growing and blooming recently in the Victorian Garden:


Blood Banana – Musa acuminata ssp Zebrina


Pink Lantern Plant – Medinilla magnifica


Purple Passion Flower Vine – Passiflora caerula



Persian Lime Tree – Citrus x latifolia

This lime is the most commonly grown lime species for commercial use.

erodendrum ugandense

Blue Butterfly Bush – Clerodendrum ugandense


Angelwing Begonia – Begonia coccinea

There are also many Heirloom Spring Bulbs on display, including Tulip ‘Apricot Beauty’, Daffodil ‘Thalia’H. and ‘Gipsy Queen’ to name a few. Flowering annuals and tropicals are coming soon for summer!

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