Honoring the past. Enjoying today. Preparing for the future.

To paraphrase a few of our guiding principles, we believe in preserving our history, we believe in safe facilities and grounds, and we believe in sustainability to assure that Meijer Gardens can be enjoyed by future generations. Following three simple rules helps us to honor the past, enjoy today and prepare for the future at Meijer Gardens. You, our members and guests, can help us by following these simple rules each time you visit:


Three simple rules for enjoying Meijer Gardens

Why remind you of these rules at this particular moment? It has everything to do with our core mission and the legacy of Fred and Lena Meijer, which we have been celebrating and are honor bound to carry into the future. Whether it is a horticultural or sculpture installation or display, the highest caliber visual experience is our goal. The Meijers were, and continue to be, extraordinarily generous, but remember they never collected for themselves, only for the enjoyment and enlightenment of others.
Abiding by our rules is one critical way to show our gratitude and respect.
Our 20th anniversary year has been nothing short of extraordinary. The gardens and grounds, collections and exhibitions that give meaningful substance and form to the organization, also require that we think about honoring the gifts we have been entrusted with as we prepare for the future to the best of our abilities. Caring for our collections and being mindful of the rules of Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park are the critical bridges that unite our history and our future. By no means are our rules extensive or oppressive, but they are practical for safety and
longevity for our internationally renowned art collections, impressive display gardens and each of our temporary exhibitions.
Ultimately, our rules ensure that the legacy of Fred and Lena Meijer continues to be enjoyed for generations to come. In the future, you will notice several new measures, including signage, as a reminder to all visitors that we do not touch works of art, do not climb, and stay on paths or mowed lawn areas only. All of us here at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park thank you today, and the visitors of tomorrow do as well!

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