Preschool Story Time: Cozy Tales for Chilly Days

By Shelly Kilroy, Meijer Gardens Librarian 

Story time is such a great way to introduce children to the wonderful world of reading, and Cozy Tales for Chilly Days Preschool Story Time here at Meijer Gardens does just that.  On a very chilly day last Tuesday twenty children learned about reptiles while volunteers Miss Marge and Miss Betty read from several fun and interactive stories about turtles, chameleons and more.

Cozy Tales

One favorite was Eric Carle’s The Mixed Up Chameleon.  Children delighted in the story of this unique and colorful reptile, while also learning about primary colors.  An opportunity to touch real turtle shells helped introduce another favorite, Turtle Splash: Countdown at the Pond by Cathryn Falwell.  With these and other books, interaction and hands-on activities were highlights for both the children and their grownups.

Cozy Tales for Chilly Days is in its 5th year and going strong.  We hope you can join the other moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas who have come back week after week.  For more information on dates and themes for future story times, click here.

Cozy Tales
  Cozy Tales

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