A Look Back at 2013 [Part II]

We’re looking back again on the past year and all the fun that was had.

April and May were busy months. Why? Because we had more than 150,000 visitors see the Butterflies Are Blooming exhibition! Our staff and volunteers were kept busy making it an enjoyable (and educational) experience for all ages – from class groups to bridal ceremonies in the Tropical Conservatory. Along with Butterflies Are Blooming, these two months were filled with special announcements.

Part 2


18th Birthday
We’re finally an adult! We celebrated our 18th birthday with comments and well-wishes from our Facebook fans.

12_Amphitheater Garden_Hebert12013 Outdoor Concert Series Lineup Announcement
What a doozie. We announced the biggest lineup EVER, with 29 concerts planned to hit the stage from June to September. Performers on the list included B.B. King. Sheryl Crow, Owl City, Harry Connick Jr., Smokey Robinson and Old Crow Medicine Show! What concerts were you excited to see?


New Acquisition of Richard Serra piece
In May, we were excited to announce the acquisition of Equal Intervals, Equal Elevations by American minimalist sculptor, Richard Serra. Equal Intervals, Equal Elevations is a site-specific work, composed of four large, forged-steel blocks placed at equal intervals in the hillside. Have you seen it yet?


Looking East, Facing West: The World of Zhang Huan Opens
Chinese artist Zhang Huan’s work in Looking East, Facing West: The World of Zhang Huan was our sculpture exhibition this summer. As a sculptor, painter, photographer and performance artist, his themes of physical endurance and spiritual tranquility, Chinese history, and Buddhism were expressed in his sculptures. Did you have a favorite piece? 

Meadow Burn
Every 3 years, a controlled meadow burn takes place in our Wildflower Meadow, which is home to Scarlatti by Marc Di Suevero. This year happened to be time for another meadow burn. We captured the event in a time lapse video, which ended up being shared on WZZM’s newcast. Look at all that smoke.

Stay tuned for more recaps of the exhibitions, announcements and excitement that surrounded 2013.

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