Countdown ‘til School’s Back

Parents and teachers know it’s better to learn by doing rather than watching. That’s where we come in! There are many hands-on activities for children available until the end of August at Meijer Gardens.

Countdown the days until school’s back in session by doing these five Meijer Gardens family-friendly activities.


1. Meet Me at the Fair Saturday and Sunday August 10 and 11; 1-4 pm
Bring the whole family to join us in our annual Meet Me at the Fair activity this weekend! Children can learn about life on the farm while doing fun activities including, picking vegetables, feeding and petting live animals, and playing traditional fair games at the Michigan Farm Garden.

2. Let’s Keep Moving in the Sculpture Park Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturdays; $3 adults and $1 kids
The Kids’ Tram Tour is an interactive way of learning combining a variety of easy fitness activities related to our sculpture collection. Designed for kids ages 8 and under and their families, Let’s Keep Moving in the Sculpture is a great way to keep children active while learning about art.

3. Outdoor Artists Studio – Tuesdays at 6 pm IMG_0670
Art can provide skills important in academic success—creativity, confidence and focus. Stop by the Children’s Garden on Tuesday evenings and work with an artist to create miniature clay sculptures or colorful drawings of plants and flowers.

4. Squirmy Worms – Fridays at 11 am
The little ones interested in creepy crawlers? On Fridays at 11 am, kids can investigate the science of worm bins and composting in the Children’s Garden. They can examine worms in a compost bin, find out what food scraps worms eat, and go on a worm hunt for artificial worms hidden in the garden.

LMCG Topiary Frog5. Search & Find and Family Sculpture Hunt – Sundays 2 pm
Critical thinking skills can be developed in kids of all ages. Enjoy Search & Find in the Children’s Garden for the young ones, then go on to the Family Sculpture Hunt in the Sculpture Park (ask for copies of both at the Children’s Garden Information Center).

With these exciting educational activities here at Meijer Gardens, kids will be ready to go back to school before doors even open!

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