October Book Discussion: Nature’s Visionary

October 2, 2012
By Shelly Kilroy, Meijer Gardens Librarian 

What a beautiful, fascinating and well-written book! Gretel Ehrlich’s John Muir: Nature’s Visionary was a wonderful biographical sketch of a fascinating and inspiring man.

Our members book discussion group dove into John Muir at our latest meeting, learning about who he was and what he accomplished; including numerous inventions, and the many books and articles written by and about him.

We learned that he was the founder of the Sierra Club, and has numerous trails, woods, schools and more named after him. Even a wren bears his name!
Each of us thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it for Ms. Ehrlich’s wonderful writing, the inspiring quotes by John Muir scattered throughout and the beautiful photos of the places John Muir loved.

Next month on November 6, we will be reading and discussing The Paper Garden: An Artist Begins her Life’s Work at 72 by Molly Peacock.

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