Behind-the-Scenes Peek at “Chrysanthemums and More!”

2,438 indoor chrysanthemums. 45 days. 19 mum variations.

Celebrate autumn with Meijer Gardens during Chrysanthemums & More!, a newly redesigned horticulture exhibition opening tomorrow through October 28! The exhibition features thousands of Chrysanthemums and days filled with fall-themed family activities, horticulture demonstrations, plant shows and more.

The largest of its kind in Michigan, the exhibition continues to grow with more brilliant fall colors, as bold ribbons of yellow are woven throughout the facility and outside. Don’t miss out on the focal point – Grace Jarecki Seasonal Display Greenhouse with its wall of chrysanthemums!

The Meijer Gardens horticulture staff has been working hard to prepare and install this beautiful exhibition over the last week using these flowering fall favorites. Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at just one of its elements – what goes into making the Seasonal Display Greenhouse come to life with fall color.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See the stunning finished product for yourself starting tomorrow!

About the indoor chrysanthemum portion:

  • 19 variations of chrysanthemums used
  • 2,438 mums needed for indoor displays
  • 8 days of installation and set-up
  • 50+ chrysanthemum spheres created

Come see what autumn has is store during Chrysanthemums and More! through October 28. From Mum Day to Hallowee-ones, there’s something for everyone this fall.

Mum Fun Fact: Indoor and florist mum varieties are typically named after cities. Outdoor garden mums are typically named after people.

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