National Volunteer Week – Recognizing Meijer Gardens Volunteer Paul Brower

Frederik Meijer Gardens has more than 800 volunteers who dedicate years of service and smiles to support its mission of bringing horticulture and art together for all to enjoy. April 15-21 marks National Volunteer Week, and we want to recognize a few of our outstanding volunteers who continue to make a lasting impact on staff, fellow volunteers and guests.

Here is Paul Brower’s story:

You wouldn’t know it after talking to him, but Paul Brower will be 82-years-young this month.

Paul in the Butterfly Airlock during a busy butterfly day.

Going on his seventh year as a volunteer with Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, Paul is as active as ever. You can usually find him helping with outdoor horticulture in the summer, setting up Christmas trees during the winter months and as an Airlock Volunteer during Butterflies Are Blooming.

Maybe it’s from being a CFO for 30 years or fishing on the lake near his home that’s kept Paul so active over the years, but because of his positive attitude and gun-ho personality, Paul’s daughter suggested he volunteer at Meijer Gardens in January 2006.

“Volunteering is a wonderful outlet for me. When you volunteer here, you work with and get to know some quality people.”

Paul has made great friends with some his fellow volunteers, who jokingly call each other the “A-team.”  His volunteering even goes as far as bringing in special treats once a month to share with his volunteer friends.

“My favorite memories volunteering were made because of my peers and the staff. I’m not just another volunteer to them; they keep wanting me to come back each week. You know it’s special when people in such a big organization remember your name.”

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