Fun Spring Break Activities for the Kids

It’s almost Spring Break! That means the kids will be home and in need of something fun to do.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Starting Monday, April 2-4, we have Spring Break Classes for every age that fits both your schedule and your child’s curiosity. Creative, hands-on activities are planned for children four to 14-years-old that involve learning and an active imagination.


Here’s a glimpse of a few classes available next week:

Monday, April 2
Butterfly Biscuits (ages 57) 1–3PM
Fee: $20 members, $27 non-members
Decorate your own chef’s hat! Mix the dough and make butterfly biscuits using cookie cutters. Sample these delicious treats while they’re warm and learn butterfly facts in the process.

Tuesday, April 3
Carnivorous Plant Karaoke (ages 5–10) 13PM
Fee: $20 members, $27 non-members
Make a carnivorous plant sock puppet and discover how these plants trap their prey. Teach your puppet to sing by learning hilarious new lyrics to a variety of familiar songs.

Wednesday, April 4
Painting Turtles (ages 4–5) 1–3PM
Fee: $20 members, $27 non-members
Paint a poster-sized turtle, play a game to learn why turtles hide in their shells and find out why some turtles can stay underwater so long. Have fun listening to turtle stories.

There are 56 classes per day — each a new, unique learning activity. Sound like fun for the kids? Register now before classes fill up!

To register, visit our ticket page and search for class titles or dates. 

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