Learn from Meijer Gardens Experts at Home & Garden Show March 1-4

With decades of experience in the industry, our professional horticulturalists have an array of knowledge about plant life, gardening and always find a new twist on horticulture.

That’s why they’ll be joining Master Gardeners, greenhouse experts and horticulture educators to present during the West Michigan Home & Garden Show at DeVos Place. From March 1-4, eight of our talented horticulturalists will present on a variety of topics, from low maintenance landscapes to unusual gardening tricks to elegant floral arrangements and more. Starting on Thursday, stop by the Meijer Gardens table and meet our talented green-thumbed staff.

Straight from the mouths of our horticulturalists, here is a glance at what each presentation will be about:


Vegetable Gardening in Containers
Thursday, March 1 at 6:30PM
Ana Bosma, FMG&SP Horticulturalist

ImageI’ll cover some of the basic container gardening considerations, including what to consider when choosing your containers, location and vegetable types. The presentation will also include some container options including a few unique ideas, along with a selection of vegetable varieties well suited for specific containers. Stick around for pointers on what size container should be used for the different vegetable types and how to make your vegetable garden the best it can be this summer.


Obedient Plants for your Landscape
Friday, March 2 at 2:30PM
Edward McKee, FMG&SP Manager of Outdoor Horticulture


Low maintenance, easy care and no fuss plants are in demand.  My talk will focus on plants that require little fuss, remain a manageable size, and retain their shape without constant pruning or shaping. Use any of these obedient plants in your garden to create an easy care and beautiful landscape.

Ideas for the 2013 Garden with Flowering Bulbs
Friday, March 2 at 4:30PM
Lucinda Grover & Rick Margo, FMG&SP Horticulturalists

ImageImageWe’ll be discussing flowering bulb ideas, as well as some containers for spring and summer. A review of blooming times and ideas for combining different bulbs to bloom in time or sequentially throughout the seasons will also be included in our program. Interested in forced bulbs? We’ll touch on forced bulbs and their use in the landscape or containers.


A Bar of Soap, Black Stockings and a Cheese Grater: Using the Unusual in the Garden
Saturday, March 3 at Noon

Ian Warnock, FMG&SP Lead Horticulturalist

I got the idea for this lecture from when I was a wee boy and started my horticultural career by growing a handful of peas in a five gallon plastic bucket. I try to recycle and re-use other objects in the garden for practical and whimsical reasons. I’ve never been keen on using harsh chemicals, and try to use simple and benign methods of pest and disease control. Some of the ideas are old, some are new, some I’ve borrowed and some… well, you be the judge! Dare to be different and don’t just push the envelope… tear it apart!

A New Twist on Terrariums
Saturday, March 3 at 3:30PM
Mandi Stade, FMG&SP Horticulturalist 


My presentation will feature new, fun ideas for anyone interested in creating terrariums at home. I will cover the basics of constructing terrariums—discussing tools, materials, plants, design themes, step-by-step instruction, and general care tips. My goal is to inspire people to get creative in utilizing common glass items around the house as terrarium containers and by using trinkets or natural items to personalize their terrariums.


Adding Beauty to Your Garden While Deterring Deer
Sunday, March 4 at 12:30PM

Tony England, FMG&SP Horticulturalist


Are deer eating all of your plant life? Find out which plants with flowers can both attract hummingbirds and butterflies while deterring deer. I’ll discuss what kinds of plants can be added to the landscape that will help keep deer out of the garden. Additional information about these plants will help any gardener choose which plant is best for different areas of their garden.

Simply Elegant Floral Arrangements
Sunday, March 4 at 2PM

Rose Allerding, FMG&SP Horticulturalist

With spring around the corner, adding a beautiful floral arrangement can brighten any room. Find out how to create a simple, but tasteful arrangement using minimal flowers or plant material. I will discuss which simple vases and tools will be needed to make your arrangement a reality.

Have a question already? Comment and we’ll try to answer your question during the Home & Garden Show (or below). 

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