Feeling Creative?

Has winter left you with idle hands? Are you looking for fun activities? Our latest edition of Seasons Magazine—scheduled to reach your mailbox in a few weeks—includes all of our upcoming spring and summer classes! From our Spring Gardening Mini-Series to Bonsai Workshops and Four-Day Camps, there’s enough to keep your whole family busy during the warmer months.

Here are some unique upcoming classes if you’re feeling crafty:


Artisan Soap-Making
Saturday, February 25, 10AM–Noon
What is the “cold-process” method of making soap? Find out during our Artisan Soap-Making class with Barb Jenness, owner of Dogwood Farm and Dancing Goat Creamery, and make soap the old-fashioned way. Personalize your handmade soap with essential oils and scents to your liking and take home soap making recipes and resources!  Member and non-member fees apply.

Find Barb Jenness’ website or add her on Facebook.

Springtime Arrangements
Tuesday, March 6, 6–8PM
Are you a budding gardener or interested in making beautiful arrangements for your home? Join us on Tuesday, March 6 and get ideas on how to put together a fun spring arrangement. Learn how to use household materials to create an impressive floral piece for very little cost. Member and non-member fees apply.

Follow the link and search for “soap” or “springtime” to sign up for these classes today: https://tickets.meijergardens.org/public/search_results.asp.

You can also check your next Seasons Magazine or head to our Education page to find a list of current and upcoming classes. Happy crafting!

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