“Lying Man” comes to life

Lying Man

If you attended a concert this summer or had a chance to walk through our newly renovated amphitheater, you may have noticed what looked like a man laying in some shrubbery, gazing thoughtfully at the sky. The larger-than-life figure is actually one of our newest sculptures, Lying Man by Sean Henry.

Sean Henry's studio

Henry’s work is recognized around the world and he is often credited with reviving the tradition of polychrome (painted) sculpture. His innovative approach centers around the human figure paused in quiet contemplation or captured in a moment of simple daily activity.

On Tuesday, October 25, Sean Henry will be the featured speaker at the C. Schoenknecht & W. Paul Sculpture Lecture as part of the Master Lecture Series. The lecture begins at 7 pm.

He will be sharing the history and development of his work along with influences and approaches that define his work. He’ll reflect on his most recent exhibition, “Conflux: A Union of the Sacred and the Anonymous,” currently on display at Salisbury Cathedral in England. Since opening in August, “Conflux” has already drawn 75,000 visitors.

Conflux exhibition

According to the Cathedral’s web site, “‘Conflux’ is a modern update of the pre-Reformation tradition of displaying polychrome figures and is believed to be the biggest single collection of polychrome sculpture in the Cathedral since the Reformation.” Henry himself, in various interviews, has described his sculptures “memorializing the everyday” and “drawing the viewer’s attention to the significance of the here and now.”

Another noteworthy effort is Henry’s Couple, his 13-meter-high sculpture that sits 300 yards out in the North Sea in Northumberland, England. It is Britain’s first offshore artwork. Check out this YouTube video of Couple:

Henry’s October 25 lecture is included with regular admission to Meijer Gardens.

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