Our Photo Policy: Artwork and ArtPrize

Photography of the artwork on display at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park is not allowed. This policy also covers our ArtPrize exhibition, Sculpture Today: New Forces, New Forms.

For our guests, we have posted photos of each work in the exhibition. These are intended for personal use only and to aid in ArtPrize voting.

Although this policy may seem restrictive to some visitors, our photography, accessibility and “no touch” policies are meant to provide the best viewing experience for all of our guests, and to protect the artists’ intellectual property rights.

Why Photography of Artwork Is Restricted

The three-dimensional works and installations displayed at Meijer Gardens must be experienced in person—photography and other two-dimensional depictions of the artwork simply cannot capture the many layers of meaning intended by the artist.

Although the ArtPrize competition allows photography of exhibited artwork in many other venues, all exhibitions at Meijer Gardens are subject to our policies.

For complete photo policy, click here.

View photos of all ArtPrize works on display at Meijer Gardens.

7 thoughts on “Our Photo Policy: Artwork and ArtPrize

  1. As a result of policy, I won’t be visiting the Gardens’ ArtPrize exhibit this year.

  2. So, can we not have a camera at all in the Gardens right now?? I want to get photos of the Fall foliage! My mom and grandma are coming up for my mom’s birthday next week just to go to Art Prize and the Gardens, what in the world am I supposed to tell them, and if taking photos takes away from the artwork then why in the world are you posting photos either. This is completely hypocritical!

  3. That only discourages people from sharing the excitement. I won’t be bothering with a location that doesn’t allow me the freedom to document and share my experience.

  4. This is pretty darn DUMB!!!! I take pics for people who physically can’t do ArtPrize. Personally I hope that next year u should NOT be allowed as an ArtPrize venue!

    Since photography is my passion, you just helped me w/ my decision not to renew my gardens membership.

  5. It was VERY disappointing that photographs were not allowed of the ArtPrize entries. At; the very least, non flash photos should have been allowed. If photographs are not allowed in the gallery, the entries should have been displayed in the hallway or in the large FMG conference hall. My suggestion to ArtPrize, would be to not permit (in the future) display of entries at FMG unless photographs are allowed.

    Regarding the images available for download from the FMG website, the photo file sizes are too small to permit viewing downloaded images properly on a computer screen. Are “adequately sized photo files” available?

    Gordon L. Vonk (email address: shotgunc@sprynet.com)

  6. I feel the same as everyone else who has expressed concern over this policy. As a result of this policy, I won’t be visiting the Gardens’ ArtPrize exhibit this year. I would think that this policy may eventually make artists reluctant to display ArtPrize entries at the gardens. Very disappointing, indeed.

  7. As stated last year, I continue to be very disappointed that photos are not permitted of ArtPrize entries at the Gardens. At the very least, photos should be permitted without flash. I would again suggest that ArtPrize discontinue display of entries where photos are prohibited.

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