Michigan’s Farm Garden is buzzing with fun this weekend

Did you know honeybees must tap 2 million flowers to make 1 pound of honey? Or that lighter colored honey tends to be milder while darker colored honey has a bolder flavor? Learn all this and more at the Meijer Garden’s Amazing Honeybees this weekend.

Michigan’s Farm Garden is hosting all kinds of family-friendly events this summer. This weekend (1-4 pm Saturday and Sunday), kids and adults alike can take part in activities and demonstrations to learn about bees. Families can explore and learn together in a beautiful setting at Michigan’s Farm Garden. Several different types of honey will be available for tasting, as well as cooking demonstrations to highlight the versatility of honey. Kids can learn about the unique way bees communicate by taking part in a “bee dance” and find their way through a bee obstacle course.

Visitors can also learn about the many different aspects of beekeeping by viewing an observation hive, exploring a beekeeper’s unusual equipment and creating a beeswax candle.

This event is free with the price of regular admission to the Meijer Gardens.

Come join us for Amazing Honeybees July 9-10, 1-4 pm, at Michigan’s Farm Garden and see why honeybees are the bees knees!

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